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Lacunza is a benchmark firm in the wood-burning stove market. We design, manufacture and market our products with a clear focus on Innovation and customer service. We have built a team of people committed to a business project with an eye on the future and the creation of wealth in the local area.



The team of engineers working in our technical office are specialists in R&D and innovation, and rely on the most sophisticated design technology available. We model virtual parts and assemblies, and extract the drawings and files needed for production from them. We complement design with a test laboratory fully equipped for the performance of the most demanding energy-efficiency tests carried out in Europe.



We care for and protect our environment, promoting economic development, generating wealth and acquiring a human and social commitment with everyone who forms part of Lacunza.


Lacunza is fully aware how important it is to look after our forests. Our processes seek maximum energy efficiency and the smallest possible ecological footprint by caring for and restoring the forests which provide us with one of the greatest sources of heat and energy: wood.

Esta empresa ha recibido una subvención del Gobierno de Navarra al amparo de la Convocatorio de 2016 de ayudas a la inversión en pymes industriales.